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Model SL-6

SL-6 type

SL-6 type
The movement of the head which is accurate forwarding and a high reply is possible.
The processing of the head deep hole is enabled, too.
The preservation of processing data is possible by a touch panel-type control panel, too.
Available method of construction : One pass method of construction & Mandrel
The diameter that is targeted for processing
One pass method of construction φ 4 - φ 40
Mandrel φ 4 - φ 50
Main shaft number of revolutions : 400 - 1500rpm
Main shaft stroke : 900mm
1.5kw X 4P for the main shaft
0.2kwAC servo for the main shaft forwarding
Machine dimensions : 942mm in width X depths 1160mm X high 2716mm
Machine weight : 1,100 kg
Use power supply : Ministry of 3 AC200V 4KVA

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SL-6 type
With bedcover
SL-6 type
With guide ball screw cover
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