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Trial manufacture, piece processing

Processing machine 01
Processing machine 02

About trial manufacture

... which wants to perform horning for several trial manufacture
... that it is not yet decided whether you make horning by the mass production, but the trial manufacture wants to do horning
Please talk with anything.
I cope to the thing of φ around 3-50.

About piece processing

I accept only the finish of the hole, but I prepare from material depending on a request and produce it mainly.
1) Is confident of a difficult shape and a high-precision product by the normal horning processing.
2) Cope from sho lot.
3) There are the processing results of the materials which are general steel, a super hard casting, having many kinds including ceramic.
4) The inside diameter dimensions that can finish
         Can process it; the inside diameter : φ 3 - φ around 50
         I can process it and am the head : ... around 400mm

Guarantee of quality

I cannot accept trial manufacture, piece processing if I cannot measure properly.
In us, I carry out quality control thoroughly using high-precision inside diameter measuring instruments.
Guarantee of quality image
Guarantee of quality image
Guarantee of quality image
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