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One pass method

Horning industry's first Japan, the United States and Europe patent "one pass method of construction" that acquire of Japan (super exact finish method of construction using horning tool and it).
This method of construction is an epoch-making method of construction to finish the inside diameter only by reciprocating of one time of top and bottom super precisely. The processing inside diameter can process finish, the aspect fault degree to roundness and straightness less than 1μm, a cylinder degree to the lapping domain to turn while a pilot tool of our development does vibration up and down for a processing hole if I change a whetstone particle size.
"The one pass method of construction" grinds it by processing it with a pilot tool while making vibration while a whetstone draws a sine curve.
In this way, I enabled that easily high-precision earlier, impossible high-precision inside diameter finish processing finished it even to anyone if it was a skilled worker in before, and there was not it.
It supports various inside diameter shapes including a serious bottom addition mechanic and the processing with the step and produces a pilot tool so far.
The hole shape that I can process
   A through-bore stops; a hole, the hole with the bottom, the hole with the step
   I examine any shape if cylindrical.
Even if there are a spool hole, the cave with the spiral groove with the keyway, I can process it.
The materials which I can process
   Structural steel, carbon steel, special steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, quenching, nitriding including the glass and the processing after surface-treating it including the hard alumite are possible.
Aspect rough degree data
I understand that I am processed by the sine curve formation when measured in a special aspect fault, shape measuring instrument.

Exclusive tool pilot tool

Photograph of the pilot tool

One pass processing video

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