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Mandrel method of construction

It is a simple horning processing method.

I fit 2-4 stick-formed whetstones in the groove of the mandrel body and I expand it with an adapter and perform inside diameter processing.
I cannot attach teisunsooki structurally, but it is highly precise, finishing it is enabled in the device of the cheap left-hand figure surprisingly early.
Aspect rough degree data
A processing trace similar to a cross hatch of the horning is seen when measured in a special aspect fault, shape measuring instrument.
I can expect the lubrication effect by this groove, but the deep thing damaging like the horning machine is difficult.
I thin this processing trace and can be going to have mirror-finishing it by making a whetstone particle size small.

There is the following characteristic in Mandrel.

1) By a processing diameter, I can easily change a mandrel.
    ≪Look at mandrel choice chart >>.    
2) It can be processed by the exchange of the whetstone until wild kara finish.    
3) As I adopt vibration like a one pass method, I realize improvement of the ability to grind and the blocking reduction of the whetstone.    
4) I hand over the improvement of the roundness, cylinder degree of one step to a one pass method, but Mandrel is advantageous if I provide an aspect rough degree.

The adapter is six kinds of 2 size.

I am divided into two kinds by the size of the mandrel to attach (SA -4 type orSA-16 type).
By the attachment means to a main shaft, it is a standard SA -4 type, SA -16 type. A prevention of fall SA-4R type on, SA-16R type. There is an SA-4S type of shank specifications, SA-16S type.
The mandrel produces the size except the choice list.    
As for the whetstone, the size is seven kinds by mandrel size. I can choose the particle size, bond materials by the kind of the laboratory of cover cut thing, too.    


In the narrow paths less than φ 3, was stable, finishing it in the whetstone was enabled.
Look at the details in a processing example.    
※I process it experimentally at any time.

Mandrel tool

Photograph of the mandrel

Mandrel processing video

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