Toyo realizes the highest-precision processing as a pioneer of the one pass method of construction.
Super exact inside diameter processing technique by the one pass processing
The processing technique that usually enabled improvement of a roundness, cylinder degree, the aspect fault degree including a correction of the difficult straightness by horning processing. Using a super exact inside diameter processing machine "supermarket rapper" available for both of "a one pass method of construction" and "the mandrel method of construction,"
I make an effort to support any needs of the visitor.
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It is ... with the SUPER LAPPER - supermarket rapper
Super rapper
Super exact inside diameter finish processing machine = supermarket rapper
Our machine gains a name <SUPER LAPPER supermarket rapper>. This is a name to be it from thought at the beginning of machine, tool development to "develop the machine which can give an aspect rough degree at the same level as lapping". I could start original according to aim, an aspect rough degree at the same level as lapping now, and the processing precision accomplished marked improvement, too. However, we work on a challenge to further high-precision processing of the inside diameter finish, and we will aim at the improvement of the insatiate technique, quality from now on.
As a pioneer of the one pass method of construction
We will contribute to the society in pursuit of the satisfaction of the promotion of the duties of the visitor and the visitor of there through a technique of the exact metalwork.
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